It's natural to have questions about finance and loan options. Here are some of the popular FAQs our customer services team answer. If you have another question, call us on +91- 7085831502

Q - How much can I borrow?

A - You can borrow anything from 1 lakh to 5 lakhs. If you would like to apply for an amount greater than this, then give us a call on +91-7085831502. Larger loans usually require security which can help reduce your interest rate.

Q - How quickly can I have access to the money?

A - Once your application has been approved and you have returned the required documentation back to us, money can be in your account within 24 hours.

Q - I have applied “online” why do I need to speak to someone?

A - As part of our Responsible Lending requirements we need to ensure the information you have provided is accurate. Once your details are confirmed, we can process your application more efficiently.

Q - I’m self-employed can I apply for a loan?

A - Yes. You just need to provide us with evidence of the income you get paid from your business.

Q - I don't have an income. Can I use my partners?

A - Yes, just include your partner as a Joint Borrower when you complete the application form.

Q - Who can be my witness?

A - If you are an existing customer of ours your witness can be anyone over the age of 18 years. If you are a new to Finance Now, then we require a Justice of the Peace/and or Police person.

Q - How many accounts can I have with Finance Now?

A - You can have several accounts with Finance Now. However, the total amount you can borrow is limited to what we set as your credit limit. This is determined by a number of factors, including your credit score and your re-payment history.

Q - Why do I need to sign documents when I already have an account with you?

A - Each account with Finance Now is a separate contract therefore each loan contract requires a signature to become legal and binding.

Q - I don't have a computer or access to a fax machine, so what are my options?

A - Call us free on +91-7085831502 and one of our lending experts will be able to help.